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A.J. Kohler

Insurance sales, collections and even the practice of law get old after a while. A.J. Kohler did all of those, but is mostly a retired attorney who practiced law in Denver before heading south for a warmer climate. Winter sports were never an interest, and shoveling a driveway, not to mention careening around town on ice- and snow-covered roads got real old, real fast, so the desert beckoned and a love affair blossomed (with the desert; the partner was already a commitment).

 A.J. is not Family, but since long drives out to the gun clubs west of Tucson gave plenty of time to invent and refine the concept, perhaps the Family would consider adoption?

 A.J. lives on the outskirts of Tucson with a partner of the opposite sex and two long-coat Akitas, also of opposite sexes.