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D.M. Harrison

d-m-harrison-pic.jpgI was born in the Midlands UK and moved to Worcestershire after taking early retirement. I decided to devote time to my love of writing. It has been a learning curve that has included Creative Writing at a local college, a plethora of rejections (many with extremely helpful comments) and latterly a bit of success.

I've enjoyed writing short stories and had many published in women's magazines. 

My real enjoyment, and success, has come with Western Novels.  I write under the name D M Harrison so it doesn't put off male readers! I grew up watching 'Rawhide', 'Wagon Train' and John Wayne films on television. Later I watched the Spaghetti Westerns starring Clint Eastwood.

Films such as 'Brokeback Mountain', taken from a short story, and the remake of 'True Grit' prove that the fascination for the cowboy is far from over.

I have been along the West Coast of America and seen the ghost towns and viewed the end of the Oregon Trail just as the travelers of the 1800s would've experienced. Fantastic! I have visited the film sets in Alicante Spain where the Spaghetti Westerns were made.