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Daniel Springer


Award Winning Author!

Daniel had always loved reading and writing. In college, he joined the student newspaper and a reporter and ultimately became the news editor. Just like most everyone on the planet, he always thought that one day he would write the great American novel. A few times he would scratch out a few pages of a story, but never completed anything. Then, in 2001 Daniel was hit by a car while riding his bicycle. Fortunately he was wearing a helmet and did not sustain significant injuries. The accident did, however, subtly change his outlook on life--life is precious and short and we have not control over when it will end--and would serve as a catalyst a few years later when he came up with "the big idea."

In the summer of 2004, Daniel and his high school friend were sitting on the back porch discussing the future and life in general when "the big idea" first surfaced. Daniel told his friend about his concept of writing a novel (and screenplay) about a cell phone game and also developing the actual cell phone game. He called it the triple play -- a book, a movie, and a game. By Thanksgiving he had completed the first draft of the manuscriopt called The Wilco Project.

Daniel Springer lives near Tampa, Florida with his wife of twenty-three years, their two children, and dog, Lexi. He enjoys golf, skiing, music and playing video games with his kids. Here is how to connect with Daniel:



Twitter: @AuthorDSpringer