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How long does it take to hear back on a submission on whether or not it is accepted or rejected?

The time frame varies depending on which editor reads your submission. It can take up to 12 weeks to get a decision. However if the editor that is reading that genre on the day that you submit reads your book and likes it they may offer you a contract that same day. Solstice has more than one person who reads submissions.


What kind of publisher is Solstice Publishing?

Solstice Publishing is primarily an Epublisher. 


Do you offer your books in print?

Yes we offer select books in print through a print on demand service. We do not guarantee that all books will go into print. Some of our books will only be available in ebook form.


To be put into print we require that our books are at least 100 pages long after being sized to a 6 x 9.  


Do you charge any fees to publish a book with Solstice?

No. Solstice Publishing is not a vanity publisher and the author is not asked to pay for publication, editing, cover art or other services.


If I sign with Solstice can I provide my own cover art?

Please do not send us prospective covers with your submissions, as we are unable to use author-produced covers.


 When are statements provided and royalties paid?

Solstice emails all statements no later than the 1st of every month. Generally the author will get them a few days early but they will get to them no later than the 1st of every month. Royalties are sent by paypal no later than the 1st of every month. 


Can an author receive payment by another method other than paypal?

Paypal is our preferred method of payment. However if the author lives in the United States a written check can be mailed instead  of paypal. 


How long are Solstice's contracts for?

Our contracts are for 3 years. Then your book will be removed from sale and an official release will be sent for you to sign and return to us. We do not contract books for life.


Can an author ask for changes to the contract?

No. We give the same contract to all authors. Authors are welcome to ask for clarification, but we will not alter the contract or accept one that's been changed.


Where are Solstice books sold?

For our ebooks we are exclusive to Amazon. We enroll the books in the KDP and Unlimited programs. This allows us more marketing and promoting options.



What marketing does Solstice do for your books?

Solstice Publishing is an epublisher which means we focus our marketing to online marketing. You can find us at these places:



Solstice Publishing has been to Book Expo America several times over the years.


We also do these things:









Our Youtube Channel


Google Plus




Press Releases




And More!


Solstice Publishing is also an approved publisher by International Thriller Writers