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Jim Baugh

jim-baugh-pic.jpgAmazon Best Selling Author Jim Baugh has written over 300 columns for numerous magazines during the last 25 years including: 

Motor boating Magazine, Fishing Smart, The Chesapeake Angler, The Sportsman Magazine, Woods and Waters, Colonial Outdoors, Virginia Beach Sports Fishing and Travel Virginia Magazine.  

Jim also writes and manages three on-line blogs including “Jim’s Galley” and the “JBO TV” main website.  

Jim Baugh’s first published book, “HOOKED” was released by Solstice Publishing world wide late June of 2011. The book instantly won critical acclaim and earned all five star ratings from the press. HOOKED was featured book of the month by the publisher during the first month’s release. HOOKED reached Amazon Best Seller Status during 2012 and was in the top 50 ranked #28 in Contemporary Romance.


“The steady stream of hilarious stories in Hooked will keep the reader turning pages in anticipation of the next adventure. The characters Jim introduces are larger than life; the frolicking Tennessee boat Captain, the Sailboat bum, the pirates of the Norfolk docks all add to the crazy quilt of Jim’s life on the water.  And of course there is a steady stream of beautiful ladies depositing souvenirs in his ‘tip jar’.”
-Playwrite and Author Mark Covington
“Boy, did I find a fun read! Jim Baugh is a modern day mix of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The cast of characters reads like a comedy. From being caught skinny dipping by the 100 passenger Okracoke Ferry (while trying to pull a splinter out of his girlfriend’s butt), to beings surprised on a first date by his “older woman” date, who was decked out in BDSM gear, Jim kept me laughing. “
-Author Dave Diamantes
“From his childhood growing up in Gloucester , to married life, producing an outdoors television show, divorce, travels and middle-aged Internet dating, Baugh has either done it or seen it. His funny and often risqué stories are the kind of tales many can relate to.
- Lee Toliver , Virginia Pilot Newspaper
“An uproarious novel based (and not so loosely) on his life. “Hooked” (326 pages, Solstice Publishing, $19.99) relates the adventures and misadventures that occur during the filming of an outdoors show, as well as in computer dating.
Jay Stafford, Richmond Times Dispatch
“The life is everything one dreams – only crazier. Jim Baugh’s account of the boat world – and of the men and women attracted to it – reads like a guidebook to a parallel universe. As a former Floridian, I was aware of some of this craziness, but not what it meant to be carried along in the stream 24/7.
-Author Joe Jackson, Five time Pulitzer Prize Nominee
Jim’s second book, “COOKED” hilarious stories behind the recipes will be released during the fall of 2013.
Jim’s third book, “Pirate PD Cooper Palm Tree Cowboy” will be released in 2014
Jim Baugh resides on the Hampton River by the Chesapeake Bay and still produces Jim Baugh Outdoors TV. Jim works in association with other producers and writers as well. 
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