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Josie Montano




Josie is an award-winning author of over forty books. She has been internationally published and writes fiction under the name of Montano and non-fiction resources on Asperger Syndrome under the pseudonym of Santomauro.

She grew up with coal dust and drizzly days in country Australia. Although famous for her salami, eggplant and stinky cheese sandwiches at school, they didn’t particularly make her a social hit! From age nine Josie annoyed her librarian by shelving her self-published books for borrowing and being the most diligent library monitor there was! She then went on to receive her first rejection letter from Golden Books at age thirteen. But that didn't stop her; decades later - finally she has 'real' published books on those shelves!

Josie draws on her varied life experiences to help with her writing; interesting experiences such as being involved in a bank robbery, working within the primary school environment, surviving cancer, growing up within an Italian community, winning the major prize on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and as a volunteer member of the State Emergency Services.

She loves coffee, chocolate, amateur theatre, going to the movies, and being silly, witty and humorous.