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Jude Stephens

jude-stephens-pic.jpgI have always had a great love for what people today call paranormal but growing up we just called scary. Raised on Bram Stokers Dracula and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein I knew from an early age I wanted to write about things that were different. It's my greatest hope that people see that there is always an underlying theme to my stories. One about love and acceptance of those who are different.

People have often told me I have a strange imagination. I happen to think that there's nothing strange about a world where anything is possible.

 I didn't always write erotica...most of my work has been short stories in the horror genre.
I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and have all of my life. I'm lucky to have two great kids who encourage my weirdness. In my spare time, I enjoy movies, hanging with my friends and of course waiting for the zombie apocalypse.

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