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Kathleen Janz-Anderson

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I decided to write. Although at twelve I began to wonder what sort of goal I’d pursue. I tried twirling the baton; a little dance; and basketball, which I played fairly well. Then one day I set out to write a story. I can’t remember what it was about because it disappeared, probably in the garbage. I tried a diary, which “someone” got a hold of. I tossed that one. After that, I didn’t write on paper for a while, but continued to hone my imagination with stories in my head, sometimes during class, and then I couldn’t wait to sink into my cozy bed at night to continue on where I’d left off.

Years later, I took writing classes at a nearby college, read books like ‘Woman of Substance’, a book that inspired me. And then one day during a dark period in my life, I picked up a guitar and learned enough chords to write songs.

The day I got my first computer, I started writing a story.

The process of writing my first novel September Wind has its own story that could probably fill a novella. It won a second place award under the name of An Empty Forest. I’ve changed the name several times, and worked it through many more before sending it in to Solstice Publishing.

I’m working on other novels, short stories, a novella, and a book of poems.