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Kristal McKerrington



She has a dancers figure with flexibility. Kristal has been a professionally published author since 2010. She is represented by Barone Literary Agency. She is a member of Romance Writer's of America Association. She is a former writer and talent of Bishop-Lyons Entertainment

Kristal currently writes for Reem Vision and is a talent with them. She has been on and off TV since she was a child.

Kristal has done Jim Will Fix it in 1995.

She did radio for the BBC on and off until

2007. She has also trained since age 8 in Street Dance and has experience in this field.

In 2012 Kristal started to do appearances in TMZ. She started her publishing career 2010 and has been professionally published ever since.

Kristal trained from the age of 8 in Youth

Theatre and has a background in Improvisation Theatre. She can think on her feet well and has even won acting awards as a teenager.

In April 2013 Kristal has signed a Talent contract with You Can't Write This Sh#@T Entertainment for a Reality TV show.


Books by Kristal McKerrington Coming Soon