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Laura Graham

laura-graham-pic.jpgLaura Graham was born and brought up for the first six years of her life in a crofter’s cottage on the Isle of Tiree in the Hebrides. With no television, few children to play with, a multitude of sheep and cows, which swam in the sea, it’s hardly surprising that Laura grew up to have a vivid imagination. Arriving in London at the age of seven to live in a condominium was like landing on another planet. The Hebridean accent, along with the kilt and the sheep, were soon forgotten in the struggles of English schooling.

At seventeen Laura won a scholarship to LAMDA to study acting for two years. Since when she worked as an actress at The Young Vic, playing the title role in Strindberg’s Miss Julie, understudied Helen Mirren in Genet’s The Balcony at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Royal Court Theatre with the late Rex Harrison, Helena in The Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Regent’s Park Theatre and numerous television roles.

Another major influence in Laura’s life has been coming to Italy with little money, coping with the mishaps, the passion and the intrigue. Which is what her book, Down a Tuscan Alley, is about. She is now working on her second novel, The Story of Kelly McCloud, which is also set in Italy.