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Linda Flynn

“I live with my two over indulged dogs in Middlesex, UK in a house that looks as though it has seen better days, but probably hasn’t. My height is 5 foot 4 inches, although I can manage to look taller in heels, or on a stepladder.

My son often complains that I fret about things too much, which is probably how the idea of the Worry-Vision came about. I don’t know why I thought of the rules, because as a general rule I hate them.

As for the dad, well all I can say is that the book is not autobiographical. I don’t know where any of the characters came from really, they just took over. Some were more forceful than others.

I remember the teenage years being full of secrecy and embarrassment. I also responded to something my daughter said to me once, which just goes to show that I do as I’m told occasionally.

As for Rambo, where would a book be without a dog?