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Undine Pawlowski

Start with one massive public works project, stir in a heaping cup of waste and corruption. Add a handful of frustrated commuters and blend briskly with Boston’s blistery winter blizzards. Finish with a bottle or two of red wine and serve at a large round kitchen table.

These were the makings of Her Underground, born from humorous discussions around a kitchen table, with friends and family, all fellow victims of the “Big Dig”. The conjuring and cajoling that we had on the topic, by fellow students and professors from a variety of fields, spread the gamut from changing road patterns to the history of religious and racial oppression in Boston, from the origins of our American legal system, to the socio-psychological impacts of grid locked government, from ancient philosophy and goddess mythology to epistemology, academia and quantum physics.  Of course the story is fiction, but the myth is real.

I would like to acknowledge the contributions of my co-author Donna Giancola. Thank you for the broad strokes and support of this living vision. The early morning brain storming sessions were some of our many cherished times.  People ask me, “how did you write a novel with another person?” While they go on to ask details about the technical methodology, who did what research or wrote which scenes, my first response is simply, “it was a lot of fun.” In truth we both did a lot of work, but had tons of fun doing it!