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William Patrick Hackett

william-patrick-hackett-pic.jpgBefore devoting full time to writing novels and screenplays, Bill worked in New York and New Jersey ad agencies as a copywriter, creative director and CEO.  He received a degree in English lit from the City College of New York.  As a writer of novels and screenplays, Bill strives to combine literary fiction with exciting plots that build and twist as they move menacing forward as in a Brian De Plama film.

Bill describes his recent novel A Dark Time as a “metaphysical thriller” that moves from the psychotic jungle of a New Jersey prison for the criminally insane to a Vietnamese monastery devoted to the obliteration of the self.  In this 1967-68, journey of redemption, a profound awareness of something much greater than the nihilism of the times is at hand.  At the center of the story is the life of politically committed woman reported missing on a peace mission to Vietnam.  Her life crisscrosses with the lives of four men: one, her former lover and disillusioned psychiatrist, temporarily brain-damaged by being shot by a ruthless paranoid killer who masquerades as the psychiatrist he thought he had killed.  Another is a vulnerable and self-destructive journalist seeking to rescue and repay the missing woman for saving his life.  The last, an intimidating American soldier, disguised as an Irish priest, who creates a Christian-pagan mythology around the missing woman to enlist the aid of Montagnard tribesmen to find her.

Bill continues his exploration of the genre in his forthcoming novel Torment.  It takes place in a 16th century Spanish monastery in which a Hebrew manuscript written by Nicodemus is discovered.  Its revelations are startling and destructive to the monks and their abbot.  Murder and mayhem are unleashed and one illiterate monk escapes to return years later, now as an ex-soldier and very literate.  Disguised as a pilgrim, he returns to retrieve the Spanish translation he had hid unread and to right a dreadful wrong he had witnessed.

With his wife Barbara, Bill currently lives in Chatham Township, New Jersey.